Sunday, June 30, 2013


 That's right. Fallingbrook grade 7A and 7C were at it again. These amazing students followed Mr. Zirnis (their wise teacher) out to the Creditview Wetland to meet Tutored by Nature and - away we went. Students were out a total of 6 - 1 hour excursions - April through to beginning of June. We sauntered (payed close attention while in Nature) the east buffer, the north cultural meadow and north swamp ecosites. Their pencil and water-colour sketches, and photography reflects meaningful personal knowledge gained of the Creditview Wetland. If you're a parent, make sure you read their informative naturalist's log books. (e.g., S.C's amazing sense of the Wetland's beauty (left) - her mandala at the marsh eco-site). 
With the support and direction of the City of Mississauga Parks and Forestry (thanks John), the students ably mulched many of the trees already planted in the north meadow - to dissuade the bindweed from choking them out. Each student also set up and existed in his/her solo site - a Mandala - an ecosystem within the Wetland. They sensed and connected with some of the multiple relationships using all of their senses and then captured life and non-life here with their camera and water-colours. 
Many of these young'uns from Fallingbrook were leaders at this year's BogFest and helped to make it such a success. Thanks for getting your parents out - you guys and gals are very special! Check out their connections made in the slide show - soon to be created (right). 

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