Sunday, June 30, 2013


Steven Lewis S.S. gr. 9 prized 'saunterers' of Park 403 Woodland entered a contest to publish their 'sense of aesthetics' - display their connection to this amazing Urban Wilderness within their community. Each of the following received $50.00 gift certificates for DeSerres Art Store and Henry's  Photography - complements of Tutored by Nature Inc and Stephen Lewis S.S. administration.  

"Blossoming Spring 2 the MAX"... "The shape and colour of the flower intrigued me...a Hawthorne Tree was blossoming ...and it looked very beautiful. I thought about all the trees that must have been where the construction was happening and about how (it) took away a lot of the natural beauty. I focused on this particular branch showed the raindrops well and the different colours of the flowers. (H.S.)

"Green Spring" "It's amazing to see the changes in the leaves in the (woodland). First it was filled with snow and now, everything is turned into a beautiful shade of green." (S.L.)

"Down Below" (J.C.)..."Usually when I see fungus, it reminds me of something ugly but now looking back on this photo, there's just something about it that seems beautiful. It just depends on how you look at it."

"Wilting Trillium" (S.L.)... "I water-coloured this Trillium because I liked how its colours (were) a nice change of pace from all the green in the (Woodland). I also thought that the shape of the leaves were interesting because while the flowers were wilting, the leaves were still bright and green."



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