Monday, July 1, 2013


Congrats 'R' on receiving such an amazing prize  - that community donated 'camera'. All of the Wetland committee members loved your water-colour and photos. Your theme 'Home of the Geese' - your connection to the Canada Goose family on the east buffer was special. Your comments "This is my first water-colour. (One of my subjects) I kept taking 50 pics...In a few of (them) I saw the baby goose. I had no idea that I took a picture of the baby..." (R.L.) lends insight into your experience.

K.T. received a $40.00 gift certificate from Henry's Photo - donated by Tutored by Nature on behalf of the Creditview Wetland Committee. K.T.'s theme is "Family". It makes so much sense as do your words... "I really enjoyed going to the 'Bog'. I learned a lot of a new things...I mean, a lot. The Bog is very special to our community... (it) is very beautiful.. my class got to keep a log book...and we would sketch ...sometimes water-colour... we mulched trees and (I) made a water-colour of my Mandala (left). (The community doesn't) understand the importance (of this place)."

"... my entries for the contest...included 2 photographs and 1 water-colour painting. The title of my first picture is 'the Pollinator'. It has a bee in one of the flowers... My water-colour (left) painting is ... of 'my mandala'. "(A.I.) Thank you so much K.T. for sharing your connections to the Wetland from your excursions. The water-colour is amazing and your theme 'Exploration of Nature' is sooo appropriate. You certainly deserve the recognition for your work - enjoy the $40.00 gift certificate.

C.Y. was awarded a neat water-colour kit to encourage her to continue her creativity and aesthetic connections with Nature. 'C's' theme is "People of the Mire". "...because of what I learned about how plants...were sort of an intelligent being because of how they communicate...the mire part...that means bog/wetland too and it seemed regal (kind of like the actual place)...the sketch 'The Lady Butterfly-Leafed Tree' ...seemed like a feminine version of another tree... (it) had groups of leaves that were shaped like delicate butterfly wings ...grouped in 2's sometimes." (C.Y.)

S.R. was also awarded a water-colour kit. Her excursions were filled with wonder, awe and energy. She helped to organize the environment club, share input at the CWS committee meetings (planning of BogFest) and lead activities for young people at BogFest. WOW! Your theme for your art and photography entries 'Life in a Wetland' is so appropriate. The water-colour (left) - interestingly simple yet complex. Love the title 'Smudged World, small world' - imagery of her Mandala. Check out 'S.C.'s' photos in the slide show.

R.A-F. themed her 2 photos and water-colour sketches 'Snakessssss'. Wonder why? Her comments?  "I took these (my photos) at the bog at one of the class excursions... my little brother and I painted the water-colour at the (BogFest)...After further research, I found out that these snakes are actually 'Garter Snakes' and are quite common in North America. But they will always be special to me because this is the first time I saw a snake so close." Congrats 'R' - your Garter Snake's kin is the Rattle Snake.

Love yours and your brother's water-colour 'Abstract'! Have you used your new water-colour kit yet?

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