Monday, August 4, 2014

Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Ontario Atlas Program

Do you know him? Hint! He calls his mate with notes that sound like they're played on a broken banjo string. Tutored by Nature Inc staff witnessed awe and wonder in ours and our participants' eyes both at the Creditview Wetland BogFest 6 while we were bird counting and during Fletcher's Creek M.S. gr. 6 eco-excursions.
This other 'critter' lives in and around Fletcher's Creek holding pond near Ray Lawson. We've seen others at the Wetland. Any guesses? Many of the Green Frog(gies), Western Chorus Frogs, Bull Frogs, SnappingTurtles and Painted Turtles dared us to notice, observe and capture them with our pencils, brushes, and cameras.So, if you live within either of these communities, you would probably want to check out the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Program and get involved.
Such lifeforms' habitats have shrunk - are shrinking within both of these ecosystems.We're responsible for that!  Fletcher's Creek and The Creditview Wetland are both on the Credit River Watershed. It's time to support the biodiversity that supports our community - our homes. Follow the website for the Creditview Wetland Stewaredship Developing community natural corridors might be a good idea to pursue in the near future - to remediate habitat shrinkage. Follow our community's successes. For more information on the reptiles/amphibians...

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