Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gr.6's Saunter Fletcher's Creek Riparian

Fletchers Creek Sr.P.S. and Tutored by Nature
Grade 6 Sauntering Tales of Fletcher's Creek Riparian: June, 2014 

These amazing gr.6'ers ( 8 classes - 4 excursions each) and their teachers have connected to Fletcher's Creek subwatershed Eco-Aesthetically - paying close attention to Nature while we sauntered the riparian. Tutored by Nature Inc recognizes school administration for their dedication, initiative and hard work to make this happen. Thanks to the support that Brampton Parks (Jessica and Dirk) provided wrt site visits and permissions needed for the children's eco-glimpses of Fletcher's. Witness some of their log and circle talk expressive language.

S.J. Humans are afraid of nature and uncomfortable and afraid and they don't see nature like we do...we should tell people (what) we know about and actually have them come out (to experience)...

A.R. More and more people are coming into the area and then more buildings have to come in and then more problems...                               

Ch. I think people are just afraid. When people see bugs (and plants such as Giant Hogweed or Poison Ivy) they get afraid because they don't know if they are poisonous. What we can do is bring them out and our family and friends and show them...

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