Sunday, November 25, 2012

S.L.S.S. ...So Many Winners - Congrats to All

N.J.'s "50 Shades of Autumn"- a worthy recipient of the $50.00 gift certificate donated by Tutored by Nature Inc. for the water-colour entries. Lots of competition N.J. including another water-colour you submitted. Check out some of the others in the slide show. See! Sorry that you didn't get to feed those chick-a-dees! N.J.'s log book was full of wonderous thoughts, questions and images.
 Z.A.'s "Almost Maple Leaf" was one of three amazing photos submitted - all three were under consideration. Part of Z.A.'s story included that she thought that this looked a bit like the Maple Leaf and "This plant was eye-catching because of it's vibrant colours, and the way the colours blended in with each other made it look captivating." Congrats on receiving your $50.00 gift certificate Z. There were so many great photos - a credit to the gr.9's at S.L.S.S.
Last but not least - U.M. receives the pencil sketch award (also a $50.00 gift certificate) - a"Logbook Pencil Sketch" entry. Titles within are "Purple Flower", "Beautiful" and "Ugly". He submitted 3 pencil sketches that were all worthy - straight out of the logbook. Interesting comparison between your backyard environment and Park 403, U. Is the "Purple Flower" in this sketch, native or non-native? Check out a couple of the other pencil sketches in the slide show?


  1. Nice job. it is nice to see your pencil work part by part because the details of this piece of art become even more visible !d


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