Friday, November 23, 2012

Fall 2012: Sense of Aesthetics - Stephen Lewis S.S.and Upper Sawmill Creek Sub-Watershed

Many Stephen Lewis S.S. gr.9 science students (35 students, 150 entries) have submitted amazing logbook entries/pencil sketches (b) water-colour sketches, and (c) photos to Tutored by Nature. The art work respresents some of their 'eco' experiences while participating in excursions to Park 403 forest and Sixteen Mile Creek corridor this fall.  You can view select images in the slide show - opposite this article. 
Which are your 'favs'? If you have been inspired, submit a comment or critique your choices? Click the image and you'll notice the student's intials and art title (not all are titled). Those students receiving a gift certificate will be named Sunday evening. Good luck to all.

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