Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Postman and Weingarter (Teaching as a Subversive Activity) said it well, "The best time to learn anything is when whatever is to be learned is immediately useful." (sited in Winds from the Wilderness, page 3, 1982).

The Homeschoolers learned much about the Giant Hogweed (photo left) - or is it Cow Parsnip (what's in a name?) as we sauntered on The Credit River Flood Plain toward the mouth of Fletcher's Creek.Other 'toxics such as the Common or Wild Parsnip, Stinging Nettle - many native and invasive flora were part of Nature's Tutorials today.Such amazing young naturalists - pencil sketching, photographing, and learning first hand about alien plants that can cause skin rashes immediately upon contact. Some 'friendly advice to all' - "Always be dressed appropriately for Mother Nature's classes and pay close attention". It certainly was the best time to learn - this knowledge certainly was immediately useful .

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