Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Many critters came out just for us as we sauntered the Credit River's Flood Basin, where Fletcher's Creek flows into the Credit River. This particular Green Frog was making his traditional mating call at the Wetland (Retention Pond) within the Flood Plain ...sounding kind of like the twang of a loose banjo string.

The Homeschoolers observed and connected with other life forms too - many other flora and fauna in another part of Fletcher's Creek subwatershed - up near the creek's headwaters. Several green frogs find Fletcher's Valley to be a healthy habitat - the Retention Pond (a wetland) near where the Homeschoolers planted native shrubs. These young 6 -13 year olds made many more connections. Tutored by Nature Inc will keep you posted and invites you to comment here.

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