Monday, January 18, 2010


The phrase `Tutored by Nature` reflects important imagery and inspires focus for `Tutored by Nature Inc.` Thought communicated instructs that 'embodied' activity in local urban wilderness provides important `tacit`knowledge` for children and youth to anchor ecological understandings through first hand experience in local Nature.

Encouraging our next generations to be 'Tutored by Nature' is significant insight that begs the question 'What local wilderness is available to access Nature`s tutorials here in Peel Region?' To date, excursions and stewardships experienced by schools in Mississauga have been on local subwatersheds and watersheds - including Sawmill Creek, Carolyn Creek and the Credit River and at The Creditview Wetland. Future excursions and stewardships will also take place on Fletcher's Creek subwatershed and Cooksville Creek watershed.

For more understanding of this important direction for environmentally educating our young, read other posts within this blogspot, consider the possibilities for your school and contact us for further information at


  1. Looks like a great display to visit and hope I get to do that workshop

  2. An excellent introduction for students and parents to enjoy nature in their neighbourhood.


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