Thursday, January 14, 2010


“The universe is not rough hewn but perfect in its details. Nature will bear the closest inspection; she invites us to lay our eye level with the smallest leaf…” (Henry David Thoreau as sited in Outward Bound’s ‘Winds from the Wilderness’, 1982, p.154)

‘Tutored by Nature Inc' provides developmentally appropriate ‘Direct Experience’ for youth from middle-childhood and up. ‘Sketch-Paint & Shoot ‘encourages observation and exploration - experiencing the small in local Nature.

In keeping with the true function of art, the budding naturalist communicates relationship - their perceptions through quick pencil sketches, water-colour sketches and/or photography. Use of ‘Macro’ and ‘Super Macro’ mode lures one to capture ‘the small in Nature’ through the lens of the camera. Experiencing and sensing how light - therefore colour blends harmoniously and defines in part,  the nature of life forms and their relationships often becomes a discovery of self / Nature relationship.

In essence, the participant accesses personal knowledge in a fun and meaningful way – a Nature kinship that seems to influence his/her sense of the aesthetic in Nature.

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