Monday, February 20, 2012


Congratulations all. Tutored by Nature Inc visited schools and presented artists and photographers with their gift certificates. .

Photography winners Virginia (Ginni) Hang (Bramalea S.S.) and Aniqa Khan (Port Credit S.S.) each received an $85.00 photo course gift certificate donated by Henry's. Both submitted an excellent series of photos accompanied by a blend of poetic/ecological language that creatively described experience.

Sania Siddique (Port Credit S.S.) - pencil sketch "Paw Prints" (on left) and Canna Liang (Bramalea S.S.) - pencil sketch "Distance Between the Worlds" each received $50.00 Henry's Photo product gift certificates. It's difficult to grasp that the artists sauntered outdoors, then created their subjects and log entries within 50 minutes.

Team Winners Bushra Bashir (Stephen Lewis S.S.) and  Meghna Rajendran (The Woodlands S.S.) created an amazing language/art connection in their log book, water-colour sketches and photography. They believe "The 4 worlds (here)... all interconnect ... but are not in perfect harmony...humans have begun neglecting the worlds around them (as) can be seen on this part of the Credit River Watershed".

Team Winners Prabhjot Khabra and Navjot Kaur - both from Heart Lake S.S. also were presented with team gift certificates. Their combined art work - water-colour and pencil sketches "The Lonely Beautiful World" , "Animal World - Feather" demonstrate that all four worlds are present here, just west of David Suzuki S.S. Each of the teams received $40.00 product gift certificates for DeSerre's Art Store.

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