Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eco- Stewardship - Headwaters of Sawmill Creek

Stephen Lewis Gr.9 science students have completed their Fall, 2011 eco-stewardship excursions. During subsequent debriefing with Tutored by Nature Inc, the students  and staff identified several local ecological problems and decided to take their eco-stewardship to another important level. They've partnered with Mississauga's Parks and Forests to follow- up with one important ecological solution - clean up Park 403 - help improve habitat around here for the local more-than-just-human life forms - December 13 was a good day. 
Six classes organized two shifts throughout the day. Above is Mr.K's and Ms. L's classes' photo-op for Missisauaga News. Fruits of their labour? You could never guess what 'junk' they bagged. Teachers plan to sustain and expand the programme with Tutored by Nature Inc. Second semester - gr.9's (Sustainable Ecosystems) and the grade 11 biology classes are getting involved in a spring EcoStewardship. Talk about local hands-on educational experience to establish &  recognize local Nature relationship  - watershed ecological  issues.

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