Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sts.Peter and Paul grades 5-8 came to know that 'stewardship' is much more than an event. They sauntered, set up open-blinds, tracked life forms, monitored - made connections. All had fun learning and concerning themselves with the relationships on Cooksville Creek's riparian and watercourse. Such amazing young Naturalists to plant over 200 shrubs on the riparian - supported by CVC's Conservation Youth Corps (CYC). This school will continue its community stewardship (gr. 2 to 8) - spring 2011. The grade 7 and 8's will also gather data in a Benthic Study and learn more about the Creek's water quality.

Peel Homeschoolers (left - celebration circle) took on their stewardship of Fletcher's Creek subwatershed (Upper, Mid, and Lower) in a big way and with a great deal of passion. Damian, Pauline, Peachy and Laura were so instrumental in putting this group together. The children participated in two stewardship events - Fletcher's Valley (June) and  Credit River Flood Plain (mouth of Fletcher's - October) - partnered with CYC and Mississauga Parks and Forests . EcoFest was fun and a great learning experience as well.

Roberta Bondar grade 2 students (June 25) explored both retention ponds near-east and west of the school. They sauntered and water-colour sketched these close-by urban wilderness - urban encircled places. TbyN's staff Samantha and Gary never cease to be amazed when exploring and discovering with children in 'Middle Childhood'. Bondar's budding naturalists were no exception. The children, in their wonder, exitement and focus came to know that life here is as diverse as is the established relationships that bind them.

Tutored by Nature Inc's staff involved elementary and secondary students in 'SPS' workshops at the Winter and Fall EcoBuzz conferences. Check out the amazing art work and connections made on the retention pond behind Fletcher's Meadow S.S. We also involved community families at the Creditview Wetland BogFest (May 30) and Peel 'EcoFest'  (June). Next spring - WOW... St.Maria Goretti's students and teachers (JK - gr.8) will become stewards of Fletcher's Creek Subwatershed as they participate in the stewardship excursions on McLaughlin Valley (upper Fletcher's Creek) during April and May 2011. Can't wait.

Important DPCDSB Teacher Connect: Sts.Peter and Paul/St.Maria Goretti students and staff and Tutored by Nature partnerships had such great leadership - initiative and support from  grade 7 teacher Yvette Tetrault.' On Ya', Yvette!

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