Sunday, November 7, 2010

EcoBuzz Conference - Fall 2010

SKETCH, PAINT & SHOOT: TAKING A CLOSER LOOK at NATURE Tutored by Nature was so amazed by students who participated in our workshop at EcoBuzz. Christine Ogley, Samantha Fischer and Gary provided these amazing Peel 'Young Environmentalist Leaders' with an opportunity to take a close look at Fletcher's Valley retention pond - to capture the biodiverse relationships that make up this 'in-the-concrete jungle' tiny ecosystem, than to recreate their perceptions through an art form of their choice. American Toads, 'Bunny Rabbits', Staghorn Sumacs and that very interesting 'Human Technological' island in the middle of the pond...captured our attention.


  1. I would like to know more about EcoBuzz and will check this site for the winners of the contest. Great Pic. Thanks to Henrys, DeSerres and Tutored by Nature, Inc. for encouraging and supporting our youth in such worthwhile activity.


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